Favourite craft materials

Mercerized cotton yarn. It has a huge variety of shades, lustrous appearance, great wear resistance.

nursing necklace
Альбом: Тыквобусы

Linen yarn. It's brutal and natural. Genuine yarn for rustic projects.

crochet necklace
Альбом: Лен и коралловый бисер

Shimmery viscose. It's cheaper than silk and very silky in feelings.

flower crochet necklace
Альбом: Бело-розовые бусы с цветком

Velour yarn. It is incredibly soft and tender.
crochet necklace
Альбом: Браун-натур

Glass beads. They are so naturally combining with yarn projects.
crochet necklace
Альбом: Coral&Creamsicle

Sea shells. Make "beach" embellishing to your craft projects.
sea shell jewelry
Альбом: Браслет раковина-оранж

Vintage buttons. Add some retro nuances to your craft projects.
crochet bracelet
Альбом: Фиолетовый с пуговицей


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