My best craft photos of the summer passed away... - Part 1

More than crocheting I like to make photos of my creations and craft materials:) Here I picked my best craft photos of the summer passed away.
Crochet linen scarf or neck piece with bougainvillea
crochet linen

Purple crochet earrings and rustic style bucket
crochet earrings

Apple green cotton yarn - provence style
apple green cotton yarn

Jeans matching crochet necklace
crochet necklace

Colorful crochet flower bud or pine cone
crochet jewellery making

Yellow crochet flower bracelet with phalaenopsis
crochet flower bracelet

Lilac cotton yarn - provence style
lilac cotton yarn

One more crochet flower bracelet
crochet flower bracelet

Beige cotton yarn - provence style
beige cotton yarn

Multi color crochet necklace
crochet necklace

To be continued.


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