Antique embroidery album

I've found this gorgeous album in my aunt's library

It is very old, published at least before the Russian October revolution (1917) - here we see an old Cyrillic font reformed after the revolution.

Title of the album: Signs and patterns for embroidery

"Letters, monograms, digits, ornaments..."

Several schemes for Cyrillic alphabet

One version for Latin alphabet


Little fauna

A Russian "troika" (three horses) in winter - timeless classic theme:)

Crowns and coat of arms of the Russian Empire

Fancy monograms

Eyelet embroidery

There is a remark at the bottom of each page: "Use cotton, silk and linen D.M.C. brand products for embroidery.". Here Russian history meets American one...


  1. Lovely, especially the notion about histories overlapping. And I love eyelet patterns. I know this technique but never use it - too labor-intensive. But so beautiful!


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