Enchanted vintage

This summer I often visit my aunt owing a gorgeous collection of vintage and antique things, home decor pieces, photos and books. I really enchanted by all these evidences of the years passed!

Antique photo albums

Antique sewing machine

A bud vase

But the mostly I'm impressed by all these retro photos - here they are, our roots, our heritage, people living in great and tragic epochs - world wars, October revolution, Stalin timeline... When looking at these pictures the history becomes legend.

Family portraits collection

Lady with monocle - would you love to have such a teacher or gouvernante?

A young lady

Two sisters

A lady in a crocheted collar:)

A graduation album (1939) with unavoidable Lenin - Stalin profiles

And close to my heart craft issues - hand embroidered card

... and real treasure - antique album with embroidery patterns! I've not found an issue date, but it was published definitely before the October revolution (an old Cyrillic font was used). I'll surely write a big special post about this album with plenty of photos.


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